Ethereal Publications
Ethereal Publications

Art and writing from the spiritual imagination.

Ethereal Publications was born in Sedona, Arizona, on 26 June, 2010, on the day of a lunar eclipse, as we were sitting on a deck looking at the view on this page. Please look at our products section.

We are interested in written and visual explorations of:

  • new spiritual paradigms
  • reflections on the spiritual life in the twenty-first century
  • spiritual autobiographies
  • the relationship between spiritual and personal growth
  • a personal philosophy that arises from lived experiences
  • the mystical life and its traditions
  • the relationship of the material and spiritual worlds
  • and other areas of inquiry about which we don't even know yet.

If you would like to share your writing or art, please contact us, and we will consider publishing it or linking to it on our blog.

Ethereal Publications is evolving. Future plans may involve offering editing and formatting services to turn your work into an e-book. Please bookmark us, and check back, or like us on Facebook, and we will keep you updated.