One Thing/One Way/One Wish/One Dream
One thing to let go of – society’s idea of status and what is important
One thing to remember – that I came here with a mission
One thing to cherish – love given and received
One way to grow – by opening
One way to learn – with a zen mind of experience, good or bad, being the important thing
One thing to tell – something from my own true voice
One way to help open the world – to know that I don’t have to have experienced something or seen it for it to be true or to have happened
One way to love the world – to know it for its gifts and then to give them back
One thing to remember – love is the energy of the universe. Everything wants to live to experience it
One way to be transparent – to be unafraid of the dark places
One thing not necessary – regrets
One thing necessary – to look at the world with no pre-judging
One way to live forever – to live now
One way to live now – to forget about forever
One way to see the world as it is – unlearn everything
One way to heal the world – to remember that everything in it – animate or inanimate – is me. There are no boundaries
One wish – to know for sure what is
One dream – to be and not to be at the same time

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