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In the Matrix of the Mothers

by Dr. Elizabeth Oakes
Print Book – $10.00
Kindle eBook – $4.99
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Kindle eBook available at Amazon

We have many mothers if we’re lucky, and they can be
women we’ve never met, who lived way before us,
who may have never lived at all and are mythic but no
less real.
In the Matrix of the Mothers pays tribute in poems
to my spiritual, intellectual, artistic, and poetic mothers,
sixteen of them: Judy Chicago, Emily Dickinson, Enheduanna,
Eve, Joan of Arc, Frida Kahlo, Lilith, Mary Magdalene, Medusa,
Georgia O’Keeffe, Om, Ophelia, Sylvia Plath, Sappho, Sophia,
and Gertrude Stein.
My poems about them are incantations and celebrations of who
we all are.

Here is a sample:

Frida Kahlo

we wear your image
on jewelry, on clothes,
like a cameo,
military medal,
your unibrow your sign of the cross,
your coiled hair spinning out the signs of the zodiac,
your body its own rack of pain
only your body encaged,
only your body, that husk
born in a country hot with revolution,
with color,
with passion of all kinds
you swooping and diving in that flame,
alive with it,
shooting it from your mouth like a fire eater,
making it your own
O mother Frida,
dark bird,

Healing Words:
A Series of Interlocked Affirmations

by Dr. Elizabeth Oakes
Print Book – $19.95
Kindle eBook – $4.99
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Healing Words: A Series of Interlocked Affirmations
came to me during a recent healing. Each day I
focused on a word during a walking meditation
and wrote down the resulting affirmations.
As I did this, I realized that the words often
reappeared in subsequent affirmations. When my
husband and I read them each night aloud, we found
that they resonated as the repeating words chimed in.

For a cumulative effect, I then connected each section
of affirmations by including the previous word in the next
affirmation set with both words italicized and in bold type.
To intensify further the interlocking aspect
visually, I italicized each word that appears
in another set of affirmations.

Included at the end is a compendium of the first
affirmation using each of the forty-eight words,
which may be used as a summation or by itself
when time is short. The last word – wisdom –
circles back to the first word – accept.

The affirmations are multi-level; they
include the different aspects of the self:
body, heart, soul, mind, and spirit.
These five words are in different order
when they appear, as they are all
equally important in healing. The
affirmations also situate one in context:
friends, family, healers, the
community, those on the same path,
and the transcendent.  As for the latter,
I refer to it as the divine presence or the
divine energy; however, these words
are meant to stand for the reader’s own
vision. Thus, the affirmations include
the personal level, the interpersonal level,
the transpersonal level, and the

One night my husband for fun called them
acclimations. Well, they are, we thought, as
they acclimate us to a vision of wholeness and
health. Then we started playing with words that
apply: assimilations – as we assimilate the
positive energy of the words; acknowledgments
– as we acknowledge our place in the web of the
material and the ethereal worlds; activations
– as they activate the emotional power of
positive words and thoughts; adjustments
– as we adjust our attention to the positive;
and agreements – as we agree to the thoughts
expressed on different levels as integrated beings.

by Dr. Elizabeth Oakes

Solace: Readings For Transforming Childhood Trauma

by Dr. Elizabeth Oakes
Kindle eBook – $2.99

Solace: Readings & Exercises For Transforming Childhood Trauma

by Dr. Elizabeth Oakes
Revised and Enlarged
Print Book – $20.00


Solace: Readings for Transforming
Childhood Trauma
and the revised and enlarged
Solace: Readings & Exercises for Transforming
Childhood Trauma
are for anyone dealing with
the residue of childhood abuse of any form.
It is different from other books on the subject in
that it moves beyond surviving the past and
recovering the self to transforming the past and
the self. It is also different in that it appeals to the
imagination and brings in the spiritual component.
The forty-five readings, which are written in the form
of “I,” enable to reader to self-identify, with the six
affirmations/visualizations an additional aid. Together,
they trace a journey of healing into wholeness.
The overall arc of Solace is the resolving and
transcending of childhood trauma and the bonding
with others imaginatively and spiritually to embrace
life as a whole, healed person, a whole, healed tribe.
Solace can help you transform your past, transform
your self, and transform your spirit in its vision of
a fulfilling, joyful life for you and for others.

eBook Available at Amazon
Now available in Print Book form
from Ethereal Publications $20.00
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on the Holy Cross Cards – $24.95

Each pack contains 25 different prints of original paintings
of the Crucifixion by John Warren Oakes, with commentary
by Elizabeth Oakes. The cards are 3.5 by 6 inches,
full color, two sided, in 100# Enamel Cover Gloss White.
They are shrink wrapped and come in a clear plastic container.

Available at Amazon (SOLD OUT)

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Also available in book form and eBook

Meditations on the Holy Cross
by John Warren Oakes and
Dr. Elizabeth Oakes


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Mercy in the New World

by Dr. Elizabeth Oakes
Print Book – $15.00

Elizabeth Oakes’ Mercy in the New World is a
series of poems in the voice of a Puritan woman
who came to America in 1630 in anticipation of the
new world. Excommunicated by the Puritans for
her preaching, divorced by her husband, and
disinherited by her father, Mercy eventually forges
her own sense of spirituality as an “indwelling
presence” and finds love along the way. One of
the reviewers said: “Mercy is a woman I’d sit down
to coffee with, someone I’d bake scones for,
if only she existed.”

Available at Amazon
Also buy direct from Ethereal Publications – $15.00
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